Jan 25

Do you want to change the way you look? You can change your hair style or hair color, but why not to change your eye color as well? With modern contact lenses this is very easy to do. See what color contact lenses can do for your appearance.

What color contact lenses can you find?

There are several types of color contacts, each serving different purpose. Different lenses are suitable for light and dark eyes. There are also contacts for Halloween and other costume parties that can make your eyes appear completely inhuman.

Enhancement tint color lenses.

These lenses are best for people who have light eyes. They wouldn’t make your eye color different, but brighten your natural color. Most popular tints are aqua, blue and green. These lenses are partially transparent, so natural pattern of your iris is visible through it. That is why, enhancement lenses look very realistic.

Many companies produce color contact lenses for light eyes. Most popular and naturally looking tints are Freshlook Dimensions by Ciba Vision and Acuvue 2 Colors Enhancers by Johnson & Johnson. There is also a very interesting color lenses called Freshlook Radiance. These lenses illuminate your eyes, make them appear sparkling. The effect is really stunning.

Opaque color contacts – ideal for dark eyes

If you have brown eyes your only option is opaque color contacts. Enhancement tints will not be visible on your eyes. Most popular colors are blue and jade green. Among many opaque contacts Freshlook Colorblends and Durasoft 3 Colorblends.

The trick in making opaque color lenses look natural is to simulate the natural pattern of human iris. This is the reason they are called Colorblends – it is not a solid color, but a blend of colors to make the lens look realistic. Quality color contacts look very real.

Color contacts tips

- Most color lenses come with corrective powers or in Plano (zero power)

- You need a doctor’s prescription for color contacts even if they are purely for cosmetic purposes

- Color contacts are healthy for your eyes if your care for them properly, it is important to keep them in a special contact lens solution and clean them every time after wearing.

- You shouldn’t wear color contacts for too long, 6-8 hours per day is the maximum recommended by most doctors

If you are still debating whether or not to buy a pair of color contact lenses, make yourself a gift. They can really transform your appearance. And with prices on color lenses going down in recent years, color contacts are very affordable now.

Tatyana Turner
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Jan 13

Many people with brown eyes dream of having blue or green eyes, and with modern color contacts for dark eyes this are quite possible. Not all color lenses work on dark eyes, but some are doing a pretty good job. Find out how to select the lenses that will work for you.

Manufacturing color lenses that can really transform brown eyes into emerald green or sky blue is not easy, but modern color contact lenses can do it. You just need to select your contacts carefully.

All color contact lenses can be divided into two groups – enhancement color contacts and opaque color lenses. Enhancers give your eyes a tint of blue, green or gray and are designed to enhance your natural color and make your eyes look brighter. They are partially transparent which creates a natural-looking effect. Unfortunately, enhancement color contact lenses don’t work on dark eyes. If a person with brown eyes wears enhancement lenses, they would be either completely invisible or would give only a very light tint that was not enough to change your color.

On the other hand, opaque color contacts were specifically created for brown eyes. The color is not transparent; only the center of the lens is clear, so you can still see. Opaque lenses aren’t solid color, of course: high quality lenses consist of a mixture of colors to simulate the natural pattern of a human eye.

Realistic color contact lenses for dark eyes

The lenses many people find most realistic are Freshlook Colorblends by Ciba Vision. They look very natural because the base color for each lens is actually a mix of three different shades – just like in real human eye. Each lens is lighter toward the middle becoming darker at the edge and it has pattern imprinted on it. Freshlook Colorblends creates vivid, deep color. Freshlook color contacts are monthly disposable color lenses, which means that you have to replace your lenses once a month. Most popular colors are Amethyst, True Sapphire and Green. These lenses are great but there is one disadvantage – they are very fragile and easy to tear when you clean them. So be extra careful, when rubbing Freshlook color contacts.

Acuvue 2 Colors Opaque by Johnson and Johnson also look natural and feel good in your eyes. Unlike Freshlook these color lenses are 2 weeks disposable; this is what the number 2 in its name means. They present two very nice shades of blue color contacts – try Sapphire Blue for a vivid color or Deep Blue for a color of deepest ocean water. Deep Blue works best if you have dark hair. Jade Green and Pearl Grey are also very interesting colors. If you think that grey eyes can’t be exciting, try Pearl Grey – their shimmering color will change your mind.

If you are after light green or blue color lenses than your best choice would be Illusions by Ciba Vision. These are probably the only lenses that create very naturally looking effect of light eyes. Illusions are not disposable lenses; they are traditional annual replacement contacts. They also cost a bit more than Freshlook or Acuvue 2 Colors, but they are well worth the price

Free trial color contacts

Not many people know about it, but color contact lens manufacturers often let you try their lenses for free. You can visit manufacturer website and print a free trial certificate. Then take this certificate to your optometrist and there you will get your trial pair of color contacts absolutely free.

So as you can see, even if you have very dark eyes, you can find color contact lenses that will work for you. Color contacts of high quality feel comfortable and look realistic. Try some, you will love them.

Tatyana Turner


Jan 7

Theatrical contact lenses are favorites for costume
parties. And for a good reason – nothing can make your costume
seem more real than a pare of bright inhuman eyes. However, with
so many special effect contacts available it is important to
know how to select good ones.

All special effect contacts are soft contact lenses. This means
that, with proper care and cleaning, you will hardly notice
there is anything in your eyes. Most people can wear costume
contact lenses without any problems.

What types of special effect contact lenses are on offer?

Theatrical lenses come in hundreds of exciting designs. You can
get cat’s eye contacts, red or black spirals, wolf eyes,
bloodshot eyes, vampire, white-out, black-out or even an
American flag design. The most popular and trustworthy brands of
special effect contact lenses are Crazy Lenses from Cooper
Vision and Wild Eyes from Ciba Vision.

See photos of people wearing href=”http://www.1-contact-lenses-consumer-guide.com/halloween-co
ntacts.html”>costume special effect contact lenses

As all color contact lenses, costume lenses can be produced
digitally (printed by a computer) or hand-painted. As you would
expect, the price of hand-painted contacts is much higher than
mass produced, digital ones – usually upwards from $150.
Hand-painted lenses are the most beautiful, and every detail is
very clear.

However, don’t assume that mass produced lenses are no good.
They make an excellent addition to your costume for a Halloween
party, or just for a fun night out at a club. On the other hand,
if you plan to shoot a home movie, where your face will be seen
large and clear, a pair of more expensive, hand-painted
theatrical lenses would be better.

You can also order custom special effect lenses – an artist will
paint any design you like. Naturally, though, custom theatrical
lenses are the most expensive.

What effect would you like – just to change the color portion of
your eye to something exotic, or to cover the whites of your
eyes as well and make them look completely inhuman?

Most theatrical contact lenses only cover your iris, this way
you can get an effect of cat eyes, wolf eyes, red-hot eyes or
spirals. But there’s another type of costume contact called
scleral lenses. As the name suggests, this lens covers your
entire sclera (the visible portion of your eye, including the
white). Scleral lenses are more flexible in design, because they
are not restricted by the circular shape of the lens and whites
around. The effects that you have seen in Predator or Dune are
achieved with scleral lenses.

However, scleral costume lenses are harder to manufacture, so
they are always more expensive than the circular ones – but the
effect is well worth it.

Can I wear costume contacts if I need vision correction?

The most popular brands, like Wild Eyes and Crazy lenses, come
with or without visual correction. Crazy lenses also come in the
most common size – diameter 14.2 and base curve 8.6. This means
that they would suit the majority of people.

Most other costume contacts can be only be ordered in plano.
However some companies, allow you to specify your prescription,
especially when the lenses are custom made.

Make your costume really stand out with a pair of scary
theatrical lenses. You will have great fun and be the center of
everybody’s attention

Tanya Turner

Jan 4

Contact lenses have become very popular these days. They are a better option to those ugly and uncomfortable glasses. Wearing contact lenses not only enhances your personality but also adds to your looks if they are the colored ones. There are various types of contact lenses available in the market depending upon their usage. There are regular contact lenses, disposable contact lenses, toric contact lenses, extended use contact lenses and many more. The no of Brands Pioneer among those are Bausch And Lomb, Acuvue by Johnson and Johnson, Freshlook By Ciba Vision, Biomedics , and many more.

Most of the contact lenses are available without the prescription of a doctor. Whenever you go for buying a lens, whether through a retail shop or through the Internet, having a prescription of a qualified eye doctor is always better.

Prescription contact lenses are always a better choice. Even if you are planning to buy a Plano contact lens, there are number of parameters that one has to know to get a perfect contact lens. The prescription contact lens takes care that the lens perfectly fits to the base curve of your eye. The prescription contact lens is also according to the diameter of your eyeball. Only prescription contact lenses are capable of rectifying the vision disorders present in your eyes.

A prescription contact lens is very safe and does not slip off your eye. If you go for a non prescription contact lens, there are chances that you may harm your eyes. The continuous usage of such lenses may damage your eyes as they do not properly fit in your eyes and cause discomfort.

Aakash Shah


Dec 21

Selecting color contact lenses can be tricky. Lenses that look great on one person might look awful in another person’s eyes. How would you choose best color contacts? Here are some tips.

To start, you should know that color contact lenses can be of two types – opaque lenses and enhancement color contacts. Enhancements colors lenses give you eyes a slightly different hue or make your eyes appear brighter and more sparkling. They are only suitable for people with light eyes – blue, green, grey or light brown. These lenses are partially transparent which makes them look very natural.

On the other hand, opaque lenses can completely change your eye color. These lenses are not transparent, so they are ideal for people with dark eyes. If your natural color is brown and you want sky blue eyes, you will need opaque color contacts, enhancements won’t do the job for you. People with light eyes can wear both types of lenses, depending on the effect they want.

Best color contacts to make your natural color brighter

For girls with naturally blue eyes, blue or aqua color contacts work wonders. You may ask why a person with blue eyes would want colored lenses. Because blue enhancement lenses can make a great difference in your appearance. Your eyes are still blue, but they look much brighter and attract attention. My own eyes are blue and I love wearing blue tint color contacts, my favorite is Acuvue 2 colors “Ocean Blue”

For naturally grey eyes blue tints also work very well. The color appears not as intensive blue as over blue eyes, more a blue-grey, but it looks very natural and attractive. Best choices here are Freshlook Dimensions or Acuvue 2 Colors.

Green color contacts look excellent over blue or grey eyes. The change is quite noticeable as jade green is mixed with your natural color.

And to add sparkling to your eyes you can try Freshlook Radiance color contacts. My favorite color is Eden (for blue or grey eyes). Sunrise and autumn colors look very interesting over hazel eyes.

Color contact lenses to change your color compleatly

To change the color of brown eyes dramatically you will need opaque lenses. Best choices are Acuvue 2 Colors opaque, Freshlook Colorblends or Illusions by Ciba Vision

Best colors for women with dark eyes and dark hair are Freshlook Colorblends Sapphire or Amethyst. The change will be dramatic, nobody will miss your new look.

If you have blue or grey eyes, but want to change your color to something completely different, go for honey color contacts. These lenses will make your appear warmer, and you can reinforce the effect by make up in natural colors, with a warm color lipstick.

Safety rules for color contact lens

If you already wear contact lenses to improve your eye sight, you know how to put them in and how to care for them properly. If you only want cosmetic color contacts, ask your doctor about wearing them safely.

Most important rule is that color contact lenses block oxygen supply to your eyes more then clear prescription contacts. In fact the color part doesn’t let any oxygen through. This means that for the health of your eyes you shouldn’t wear your color lenses for longer then 6-8 hours a day. And you should never sleep in them.

Color contacts can transform your face better than any make up. And wearing one color today and another tomorrow is a great fun for adventures girls.

Tatyana Turner

Dec 8

Times have changed. In early days contact lenses were used just to correct the impaired vision. At that time nobody had ever thought if lenses were cosmetic equipments. Well, coming up of the colored contact lenses have changed the whole scenario of the contact lens industry. They have become a fashion rage among all the people and especially with the youngsters.

Now a days, people prefer to match color of their outfit to their eye color by wearing colored non prescribed lenses. Such lenses which primarily serve the purpose of complimenting your looks are termed as cosmetic contact lenses. These lenses have been divided into two broad categories. They are opaque lenses and enhancement lenses. The difference between the two are that while the former are used to give a unique look to your eyes, the latter enhances the original color of your eyes.

Generally you do not need the consultation of an eye specialist for using these lenses. They are very much in demand all over the globe. This has led to their availability on the online stores also. Although these lenses do not pose any threat to your eyes, still it is a better advise that you take proper care of them. If you ever feel a slightest of the discomfort while wearing them, they should be taken off immediately.

Another important thing to note is that you should not go in for the sub standard contact lenses just to save a few chunk of your money. Because these cheap lenses can affect your eyes. Try to stick to good brands and before using them it is better to take advice of your eye care specialist. You should clean these non prescribed contact lenses before and after using them. If your lenses fall in the disposable category, then you should not be using them after their expiry time.

In the category of non prescribed contact lenses, Freshlook and Durasoft are the most sought after brands. There are other good brands also that provide such lenses. So before saying yes to any particular brand, take help of the various consumer reviews. These reviews are unbiased and will guide you well towards the best non prescribed contact lenses at the prices that you can comfortably afford.

Ashish Jain

Dec 7

If you use contact lenses for vision correction or you use them as a fashion accessory, for safety of your eyes it is important that you take good care of your contact lenses. If you are quite casual in handling your lenses, it can be dangerous for your eyes as it may lead to infections. One of the best options for you can be disposable contact lens.

Disposable Contact Lens can be used daily and disposed off after one single use. These contact lenses are very convenient to use, as they are not be cared of after use. They are to be removed and straight away disposed off. Also it has been seen that the contact lenses are most comfortable when they are used the first time. After that, even after cleaning, they are not very comfortable. The disposable contact lenses always turn out to be comfortable as they are for single use. According the doctors, the disposable contact lenses are the safest choice for lens users.

The disposable contact lenses are convenient as there is no fuss of cleaning the lens before and after the use. Also you save a lot of money, as you do not have to buy contact lens solution for keeping and cleaning the lens. If you buy a pack of daily contact lens pack, you will save on other lens care products keeping your expenditure equivalent to the soft contact lenses that have to be cleaned before every use. Many popular brands such as Bausch and Lomb, Acuvue and Ciba Vision offer disposable contact lens. Among Cosmetic Contact LensesFreshlook Contact Lens from ciba vision are the most popular ones.

Aakash Shah


Dec 1

Want to transform yourself into a werewolf, zombie or alien?
Costume contact lenses can make the transformation a complete
success. Find out what is on offer and how to get lenses that
are safe and will make everybody’s head turn.

What costume contact lenses are on offer?

There are two brands of theatrical contact lenses that offer you
the best looking, high quality lenses – Crazy Lenses by Cooper
Vision and Wild Eyes by Ciba Vision. Both companies are major
manufacturers of all types of contact lens, including corrective
lenses, color contact lenses and theatrical lenses. So if you
buy either Wild Eyes or Crazy Lenses, you can be sure you are
paying for a high quality lens.

There are hundreds of costume lens styles available. Here are

  • Cat’s Eye – yellow, white, green or red, with a
    vertical black pupil just like a real cat
  • White-out -
    makes your eye white, good for a zombie effect
  • Black-out – makes your eye completely black
  • Red Hot
    - for red vampire eyes
  • Spirals – red, yellow and white,
    create a crazy effect
  • Fire – bright yellow flames on a
    red background, around your pupil
  • Bloodshot – red blood
    vessels over white background, very scary

See Halloween href=”http://www.1-contact-lenses-consumer-guide.com/halloween-co
ntacts.html”>costume contacts pictures.

There are also many smaller companies and individual artists,
who offer different designs for costume contact lenses. You can
even get custom made lenses, with any design you like.

Costume contacts safety

You might have heard that Halloween contact lenses can damage
your eyes. You shouldn’t worry; though, because high quality
lenses are absolutely safe; only improper care of them can cause
problems. If you already wear contact lenses for vision
correction, care for costume lenses is absolutely the same as
for ordinary contacts.

If you are new to contact lenses, though, be sure to consult
your eye doctor before you order yourself a pair of costume
contacts. All contact lenses come with instructions on how to
care for them. Be sure to read and follow these instructions -
it isn’t at all difficult.

Here it is, in a nut shell:

  • don’t wear your lenses for
    longer than 8 hours and never sleep in them
  • only use
    contact lens solution to store and disinfect your lenses, never
    use tap water
  • wash your hands before handling your
  • never wear a lens that is torn
  • take
    your costume lenses off if they irritate your eyes
  • never give your lenses to other people

expensive are theatrical lenses?

A few years ago, costume contacts were a luxury item, costing
several hundred dollars – but not any more! These days, if you
order your theatrical contacts from a reputable online retailer,
you can get an exciting new look for as little as $30-60.

Mass produced costume lenses like Crazy Lenses or Wild Eyes are
the most affordable. Custom made, hand-painted and scleral
lenses are a bit more costly.

Where can I get costume contact lenses?

Leading up to Halloween, you have probably seen these colorful
boxes for sale everywhere – beauty salons, flea markets, even
gas stations. However, it is not a good idea to buy your
theatrical contact lenses from these places. Most of them sell
no-brand costume contacts, so you can’t know where they were
manufactured or from what materials. Remember, the surface of
your eye is very delicate, and using paints that are not
designed for contact lenses (as is the case with the majority of
lenses available on the streets) can damage your eyes.

There are two safe ways to get costume contacts. One is to visit
an eye doctor, get a prescription and order them through your
doctor’s office. Another option is to order your costume lenses
online from trusted contact lens retailers. This way, you can
get the best price. As with most online orders, your contacts
will usually arrive in about a week, so you should place your
order in advance.

Like the idea of costume contacts? They are great fun and, with
so many designs available, you can find a style to match your
costume perfectly.

Tanya Turner
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Nov 17

Your cornea, which is the clear front portion of your eye that helps you to see, must be taken care of when you wear contact lenses. Otherwise, you can develop a condition of abnormal growth of the cornea’s blood vessels, which can lead to eye infections and complications. Before you place your next contact len over your cornea, follow these safety tips below.

Don’t Use Costume Contact Lenses

Some people like to have their eyes change different colors for special occasions such as Halloween, night out on the town, etc. It’s fun to have your eyes change to other colors like purple, yellow, or red or other types of shapes like snake eyes, dollar signs, and flowers. However, this could really harm your eyes. color contact lenses have been proven to reduce oxygen from reaching the cornea. When this happens, someone can serious eye infections or complications. If you really want to have your eyes appear in different colors or shapes, talk to your doctor to get the proper prescription for these contact lenses. Otherwise, throw your costume contact lenses in the garbage.

Wear Your Contact Lenses When You Should

Read what the manufacturers suggest for the length of time you should wear your contact lenses. Never wear your contact lenses longer than you should. If you have any questions about the length of time you should wear your contact lenses or your eye health, always ask your eye doctor.

Clean Your Contact Lenses Properly

Good contact len hygiene is important to prevent eye complications. Always store your contact lenses in a clean, sterile environment. If you need to clean your contact lenses, use contact len solution, but never use your saliva or water. If you contact len falls out of your eye, never put it back in your eyes unless you cleaned it with contact solution. It is a good idea to bring extra contact len solution and case with you at all times. You can store them in your car, briefcase, backpack, or purse. Otherwise if you put a dirty len in your eye, you could get bacteria in your eyes, which cause eye infections and complications.

For your contact lenses and contact solution needs, 1-800 contacts is an authorized contact retailer that have popular name brand contacts such as Acuvue, Dailies, Focus, Freshlook, Soflens and Biomedics, and more. However if you are looking for hard to find specialty contact lenses like toric contact lenses, colored contacts, bifocal contacts, and multifocal lenses, 1-800 contacts sells those too. By placing your order online at 1-800 contacts, you can save money with special 1800 contact offers. Visit the link below to save money with 1800contacts coupons and 1 800 contacts coupons for 1800contacts.


1-800 contacts is an online contact len source to help you find popular or hard to find contact lenses. When you get your contact lens from 1-800 contacts, make sure you continue to maintain good contact len hygiene.